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Community Based Rites of Passage: Ceremonial Structure to Sustain Youth & Community Development

A talk by Ben Marchman
CEO & Founder; Counselor & Ceremonial Rites of Passage Guide, NatureLink,LLC

Speaker expertise

Counselor (Nature Based Therapy & Transpersonal); Professional Spiritual Life Coach; EcoTherapy Practitioner; Permaculture Design Certification;

What do we need, in order to create long lasting growth and support with our youth and communities? Creating experiences that awake an inner consciousness will provide our youth and communities the tools and understanding to take action...but... is this enough?

Our world is in desperate need of communities that fully understand the act of restoring and innovating community based rites of passage from young adults, to adults, to elderly. Drawing upon a decade of experience in Rites of Passage Ceremony Guiding, Social Permaculture, Counseling, and Education; Ben Marchman will present a vital new way of thinking for youth and community development in our organizations, schools, and community. A way that gives us a reason to be inspired to imagine new possibilities based from ancestral wisdom so that we can co-create the narratives needed to change our trajectory and reorient our planet toward balance, responsibility, and well-being.

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