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Stephanie Aubert

Creative Director, Grasshoppers Landing LLC

Rhonda Baird

Owner/Lead, Sheltering Hills Design, LLC

Peter Michael Bauer

Executive Director, Rewild Portland

Matthew Bibeau

Farm Manager & Educator, Nurture by Nature / Jean's Farm

Morag Gamble

Founder and Director, Permaculture Education Institute

Kelly Hogan

Founder, Director, Nurture by Nature

Monica Ibacache

Founder & Executive Director, Beyond Organic Design

Klara K. Ibarra

The Green World Project

Teresa Lees

Creator, Our Global Family

Lucy Legan

Planet Schooling

Ben Marchman

CEO & Founder; Counselor & Ceremonial Rites of Passage Guide, NatureLink,LLC

Becca Martin

Programming creator/teacher/large child, Becca Martin

Charlie Mgee

Formidable Vegetable Band, Permaculture Troubadour

Brenna Quinlan

Permaculture Illustrator

Nim Robins

Children in Permaculture