Matthew Bibeau

Embodying Permaculture in Education

A Talk by Matthew Bibeau (Farm Manager & Educator, Nurture by Nature / Jean's Farm)

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About this Talk

Learning permaculture as a subject can be a life-changing endeavor for adults, and increasingly for maturing youth as well. But teaching permaculture to children in a developmentally appropriate way shifts our emphasis from offering it as a subject unto itself and channeling it through more of our process and context for the learning environment. It requires us to embody permaculture deeply as educators and create an experience that is informed by threading experiences into a continuous narrative that reinforces rhythms and cycles. In this way, the multi-sensory learning experience is the vehicle for communicating the essential lessons offered by nature and our human endeavors to meet our needs through a deep connection to the natural world. In this presentation, we will explore what it means to embody permaculture ourselves and to teach through this embodiment.

About The Speakers

Matthew Bibeau

Matthew Bibeau

Farm Manager & Educator, Nurture by Nature / Jean's Farm

B.S. in Environmental Science, M.S. in Sustainability Education, PDC with Toby Hemenway 2006, Teacher Training with T. Ward and J. Hobbs 2008, Coordinator & Instructor with Toby Hemenway's Portland PDC 2009-2011, Permaculture for Educators Course Co-founder & Lead Instructor 2011-2019, City Repair's Urban Permaculture Design Course Lead Instructor 2012-present, Keynote at the Oregon Farm to School & School Garden Conference 2018, Program Director of Morinobe Nature School, Tokushima, Japan 2016-2019, Staff Trainer & Guest Teacher with Edible Schoolyard Japan, Tokyo 2017-2019, Educator, farm manager, land steward at Jean's Farm, Portland, OR, 2012-present